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Many Russian and foreign companies have invested in NovaWind’s wind energy projects. Until our plan to build 1.7 GW of wind generation capacity is met, total investments in the Russian economy are estimated to exceed RUB 70 billion. More than 2,000 new jobs will be created across the supply chain.

Main Russian partners:

ADF Company, LLC (Russia)

Obstruction lights production.

AkzoNobel Coatings, LLC (Russia)

Supply of paints and varnishes.

Avtokran Tyumen, LLC (Russia)

Wind turbine installation.

Bely svet 2000, LLC (Russia)

Supply of primary and emergency lighting.

BMP Technology, LLC (Russia)

Supply of epoxy compounds.

Chaika, LLC (Russia)

Supply of oils and greases.

EKRA, LLC (Russia)

Supply of electrical cabinets for wind turbines.

Elemash magnit, LLC, TVEL (Russia)

Supply of permanent magnets for wind turbine generator.

Evro Kirov Elektrotekh, LLC (Russia), Euro Group S.p.A.

Italian technology partner with the production site in Russia. Supply of lamination for wind turbine generator.

GK Elektroschit - TM Samara, CJSC (Russia)

Supply of packaged transformer substations.

Hoffmann Professional Tools, CJSC (Russia)

Supply of tools and equipment.

Hydromontazh Pilot Plant, JSC (Russia)

Production of metal structures for wind turbines.

Khimpromengineering – Umatex, JSC (Russia)

Supply of nacelle and hub covers for wind turbines.

Labara-rus, LLC (Russia)

Supply of flexible insulation.

Moskabel obmotochniye provoda, LLC (Russia)

Supply of copper conductors for wind turbine generator.

NIEDAX, LLC (Russia)

Supply of mounting and electrical components for wind turbines.

Parsek, LLC (Russia)

Supply of metalwork for wind turbine generator.

Rakurs, LLC (Russia)

Supply of inductive sensors and other industrial automation components.


Supply of intersection platforms and insulating materials for wind turbines.

Russian Busbar Center, LLC (Russia)

Supply of cable for wind turbine’s tower.

Power Resistors and Drive, LLC (Russia)

Brake resistor production.

Schunk Carbon Technology, LLC (Russia)

Production of wind turbine electrical brushes and brush holders.


Certification of wind turbine’s component and equipment conformity (mandatory and voluntary certification).

SibGazStroyDetal, CJSC (Russia)

Supply of nacelle frames for wind turbines and copper parts for stator.

SKF Lubrication Systems CZ, s.r.o. (Russia)

Supply of wind turbine lubrication systems.


Supply of power cable for wind turbines.

Technobrand, LLC (Russia)

Production of industrial rubber goods for wind turbines.

Titan Power Solutions, LLC (Russia)

Production of uninterrupted power supply system.

Tosol-Sintez Trading, LLC (Russia)

Process fluids production.

Unit Mark Pro, LLC (Russia)

Supply of cable markers and marking machines.

Valdai and Co, LLC (Russia)

Supply of oils and greases.

Venta, LLC (Russia)

Supply of wind turbine hydraulic components.

Ventreshetkicom, LLC (Russia)

Production of wind turbine ventilation grids.


Vetrostroydetal, LLC (Russia)

Production of modular steel towers for wind turbines.

VladPoliProm, LLC (Russia)

Supply of composite parts.

Vostok-Servis, LLC (Russia)

Supply of personal protective equipment, fire protection equipment, first aid kits.

Wurth Rus, JSC (Russia)

Supply of tools and equipment.

Yug-Technoavia, LLC (Russia)

Production of protection equipment for working at height.

Logistics services:


Project logistics. Wind turbine blades transportation to a wind farm.

Kropservis, LLC (Russia)

Loading and unloading operations.


Project logistics. Forwarding services for transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes.

STS Logistics, LLC (Russia)

Project logistics. Freight forwarding.

Main external partners:


Production of wind turbine converters.

AH Industries

Production of wind turbine nacelle components.

Von Roll Italia S.r.l.

Supply of liquid insulating materials for wind turbine generator assembly.

Baumer International GmbH

Production of wind turbine inductive sensors.

Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A.

Production of yaw and pitch drives for wind turbine blade angle adjustment and for turbine nacelle rotation.

C.C. Jensen Benelux B.V.

Production of wind turbine oil fine filters.

Cooper Technology GmbH

Production of technological lifting devices for wind turbines.

Elma B.V.

Production of wind turbine control system components.

Elsto Drives and Controls

Supply of drives for the rotation systems of the nacelle and blades of wind turbines.


Production of wind turbine resistance temperature detectors.

Exxson (Tianjin) Industrial Group co. Ltd.

Production of internal tower hoisting devices and ladder systems for wind turbines.


Production of wind turbine generator components.


Production of converter cooling systems for wind turbines.

LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH

Production of wind turbine hoisting devices.

LM Wind Power A/S

Production of blades for wind turbines.

Lund & Sørensen A/S

Production of wind turbine nacelle components.

Moog Rekofa GmbH

Production of wind turbine slip rings.


Production of wind turbine metal goods.

Ningbo Ketian Magnet Co. Ltd.

Production of permanent magnet blanks for a wind turbine generator (as part of a partnership).

NRG Systems

Production of wind turbine weather station elements.


Production of wind turbine bearings.

Wilhelm Severt Maschinenbau GmbH

Production of wind turbine generator components.


Production of wind turbine generator components.

Tension Control Bolts Ltd

Production of TCBs for wind turbine steel towers.

Theodor Friedrichs & Co

Production of wind turbine weather station components.

Trasfor S.A.

Wind turbine auxiliaries transformers production.

TTechnology B.V

Production of wind turbine brake systems.