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NovaWind facility

The facility of NovaWind JSC for the production of units and assemblies of wind turbines is located in Volgodonsk on the basis of Atommash, the center of power engineering of Rosatom.

As part of the preparation of the plant's infrastructure, the building and crane facilities were reconstructed to fit the specifics of the wind turbine production. The volume of NovaWind's investments in production in Volgodonsk is over 1.5 billion rubles.

  • The total area of the plant is 30 thousand m2.
  • The serial production capacity is 96 turbines per year.
  • The number of jobs is 254.

Thanks to the reconstruction carried out, the technological layout at the plant in Volgodonsk includes 5 main assembly areas:
  • Generator stator;
  • Wind turbine rotor and main bearing;
  • Generator;
  • Hub;
  • Nacelle.

Each site, in turn, consists of posts, the number of which is determined by the complexity of the operations performed and the composition of the equipment at the site.

Separately, a section of the warehouse complex has been organized, where ready-made units and assemblies of wind turbines will be located.

A specially created training class is equipped for training and advanced training of the plant personnel. Training takes place using VR technologies ("virtual reality"). Putting on 3D glasses, a person enters a virtual workshop, where, using various tools, he sequentially goes through all the assembly operations of the wind turbine units. The program allows you to work out sequentially all the stages of assembling the wind turbine units (nacelles, hubs and generator) or pay attention to one thing if difficulties arose with this. The virtual training course was developed by order of NovaWind JSC specifically for the training program for employees in the assembly production of individual units of wind turbines.

In terms of batch rates, organized production is designed for the existing Russian program, which is in effect until 2023, and for two standard sizes of wind turbines: 2.5 MW and 4 MW. In the future, it is focused on export supplies for the implementation of projects similar to the Adygea wind farm in Russia and abroad beyond the horizon of 2023.